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Flavor Headquarters grew out of a passion for creative, delicious food. Living and working in Honolulu, Hawaii is an incredible life experience, not just because of the gin clear ocean and endless line of palm trees. We also find ourselves at the crossroad of the world and have been lucky enough to be a part of Hawaii's melting pot of cultures and cuisines. 

O'ahu (also known as "The Gathering Place") is our fortuitous base. Our island is a wellspring of native fruit, vegetation, herbs and spices; hub for unique, specialized ingredients from all across the world; and a food lover's palette of inspiration given the diverse community of residents and visitors from the wider-Pacific region, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas. 

Bringing together our creativity, knowledge and experience of food, Flavor Headquarters was founded with a simple mission. Bring unique, minimally-processed and highly-flavorful food products to our customers. Creating products through a process of inspiration and fusion, Flavor Headquarters explores flavors through the lens of 5 distinct profiles: Spicy, Savory, Sweet, Sour and Bitter. 

We encourage you use our online shop for all your condiment needs, and be sure to check out our recipes page and blog for inspiration! We look forward to sharing our creations with you.

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Aloha, E Komo Mai!

A world of flavor is at your fingertips!

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Reigning Flavors

We produce our most popular products in larger batches, ensuring they are always available for you. Our approach is to create innovative flavors in small-batches on a rotational basis and we are always listening to your feedback. Once tested through 3 rotations, our winning flavors go into large-batch production. Always available, always delicious and always made with the highest quality ingredients.

Small-Batch Products

We also offer our new creations through our online store. Flavors Headquarters is founded on a creative pursuit of globally inspired products which add excitement to your daily routine. Our small-batch products are created in our test kitchen in limited quantities ensuring a unique, gourmet experience.

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Our Inspiration

Experience, Knowledge and Simplicity

Our mission is to explore and distill the wondrous flavors inspired by our travels, learnings and work into easy-to-use condiments for everyday use. We view these flavors through 5 distinct top layers, and incorporate complimentary base flavors to create a unique experience for you.

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For many, the term "spice" conjures up an image of chili peppers and a sensation of heat. Pain and pleasure in one bite, but a one-dimensional experience. FHQ utilizes the full spectrum of fruit, seeds, barks and other plant-based ingredients to compliment the heat sensation, and ensure the spice experience lingers and compliments the food on your table.

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Aneil Luhan


A nomad his whole life, Aneil's travels have taken him on a journey through 6 continents, spanning 43 countries, 14 of which he called home for an extended period of time. A deep love of cooking and good food from a young age, combined with his travels, instilled a perspective which has shaped his culinary approach: no country or region has a monopoly on flavor.

People across the world have always utilized local ingredients to create flavors which are then passed down through generations. Aneil conceived the idea of Flavor Headquarters as a company which would bring together globally inspired flavors in a healthy, minimally processed product accessible to anybody with an appetite!

Prior to founding Flavor Headquarters, Aneil was Chef De Cuisine of downtown Honolulu bistro, Square Barrels, where his menu was awarded several Hale A'ina Gold Star Awards. Before endeavoring in entrepreneurship, he spent a decade in leadership consulting and talent acquisition in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

He is also owner and founder of Foundations Health & Fitness ( /@foundationshf), an online resource devoted to providing healthy recipe and workout ideas, and a coaching member of the Kalihi Raiders Rugby Club. He also spares his time as a volunteer member of Lanakila Meals on Wheels, providing cooking and health advice for elderly and handicapped residents of Oahu. Aneil is an Associate Member of the Hawaii Food Industry Association

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