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Welcome to Flavor Headquarters!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce that FHQ is officially launched and shipping across all 51 US States. The website, Instagram and Facebook stores are launched and receiving orders successfully.

The business is starting off with our most popular hot sauce offerings, made with the highest quality ingredients and minimally processed for a unique flavor experience.

In short order, we plan to release spice blends, marinades, pastes, dressings and sweet concoctions to satisfy all your condiment needs. Each of our recipes are designed to deliver a healthy product with maximum flavor, allowing you to enjoy great food with minimal guilt.

Our offerings will be complimented with a small-batch monthly subscription service in the near future, along with Private Chef services to showcase the full FHQ experience.

Best of all, as we are based on O'ahu, FHQ is offering free delivery on orders within 10 miles of Honolulu. We offer a competitive $7 flat shipping rate for orders under $40, and FREE shipping over $40 (Ship Ship Hooray!). FHQ has partnered with Shippo and Envia to offer the lowest rates on shipping to neighboring islands and mainland USA. We keep the live pricing at checkout to show you your savings, or simply choose the live shipping price in order to save (it's a win/win in either case).

Mahalo for you all the support shown so far. We look forward to bringing new culinary experiences and serious flavor into your home.

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